Why is she healthy?

Whether it’s manuka honey, hot lemon with ginger, or peppermint oil. There are many proven home remedies for fighting the common cold. The undisputed number 1: chicken soup. Grandma gave us this advice But is there really something to it? We’ve researched why soup should definitely be on your menu when you have a cold or the flu.

Why is chicken soup so healthy when you have a cold?

A bowl of homemade chicken soup not only warms the body in the cold season, but the classic soup is also incredibly healthy. especially after that, when the cold comes. The soup is not only full of zinc, which is good for the immune system, the iron and vitamin B12 it contains also actively supports the body in fighting viruses and bacteria. If the mucous membranes are dry and the nose is stuffy, the steam of the hot soup ensures that the delicate skin is moisturized and the throat and nasal secretions can be better. Of course, drinking plenty is also important when you have a cold to flush out pathogens from your body. You can do it in no time with chicken soup. But soup can do much more than that.

advice: Homemade ginger shots with turmeric also help with colds.

Chicken soup relieves cold symptoms

The main reason why chicken soup is recommended for colds and flu is that the healthy ingredients in chicken soup are actually capable of inhibiting white blood cells and reducing inflammation in the body. Responsible for this is the protein cysteine ​​contained in chicken soup, which has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. If you want to get rid of a cold or flu quickly, chicken soup is the right remedy. And with our recipe, you can easily make your own strengthening soup.

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