This garlic soup will refresh you on hot summer days in Mallorca

Ajoblanco garlic soup, originally from Málaga, is an ideal dish for hot summer days. Easy to prepare and refreshing, this dish can be considered the forerunner of gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup, since it dates back to before the arrival of tomatoes from America. White soup consists of the following ingredients: ground almonds, bread crumbs, garlic, salt, water and oil.

However, some ingredients may vary depending on the region in Andalusia and Extremadura where it is prepared. The final touch is given by a classic bunch of grapes that beautifies the dish and gives it a sweet-salty contrast. Crispy Serrano ham can be added for a little more flavor.

Recipe for two people:

– 100 g of raw almonds

– 50 grams of bread

– 1/2 clove of garlic

– 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil

– 250 ml of water

– a pinch of salt

For this recipe, a blender is also recommended for chopping the ingredients.

How to make garlic soup:

Place the raw almonds, garlic, salt and water in a large bowl. To make grinding easier, consider soaking the almonds for a few hours.

Add the bread cut into small pieces and mix with the other ingredients.

Then puree with a mixer until you get a fine cream without lumps. Depending on the desired thickness, you can add more water for a liquid or more bread for a thicker soup. When the desired thickness is reached, olive oil is added while stirring.

At the end, grapes, melon or ham are mixed in if desired. Enjoy your meal! Good luck!

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