Red lentil soup with coconut milk: a creamy recipe

Red lentil soup with coconut milk is a popular vegan dish: nutritious, rich in protein, quick and easy to prepare.

This red lentil soup recipe contains not only coconut milk, but also coconut oil. When buying coconut products, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Coconut palms grow in tropical regions such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. This means that their fruits have a wide i CO2– intensive traffic road they have behind them before they arrive in Germany.
  • Farmers on conventional coconut plantations mostly belong the poorest stratum of the population their country because they are rarely paid fairly for their work.
  • Coconut palms also grow on conventional coconut plantations monocultures. This affects the quality of the fields and makes it difficult for farmers to grow crops in the long run.

Conclusion: So be careful when buying coconut products fair trade and organic qualities. Organic farming not only rejects the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides. She also grows coconut palms as a more ecologically integrative mixed crop along with other tropical plants. In addition, organic and fair trade companies often support environmental projects in the growing region and also ensure fair payment for farmers. In general, you should enjoy coconut products in moderation due to their long import routes. You can read more about it here: Coconut: miracle cure or environmental problem?

Make sure that the other ingredients for the red lentil soup are also organic if possible.

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