Demeter-Gockel from Baden-Württemberg: chicken soup against autumn blues – panorama

Chicken soup is in demand in the cold season. (symbol photo) Photo: imago images/Shotshop/Thomas Francois via

Helps to get through the dark season: chicken soup with Wums. A top chef reveals where the best roosters are in Baden-Württemberg.

Right at the beginning of the cold season, my mother-in-law fell ill. People who live with children who have care similar to mine know what this means: babysitter shortage, system crash, super crash, stock market collapse, end of the world. And I describe the situation here very optimistically.

Therefore, I used my greatest strength at the stove, preparing medicinal chicken soup. Chicken spinal cord is said to contain anti-inflammatory substances that are released during cooking. In my standard version, all the vegetables that have already developed their life in the refrigerator and are happily waiting for you when the refrigerator door is opened, are put in a pot together with numerous chicken drumsticks, fried terribly for a short time and then boiled with plenty of water.

Overconfidence at the stove

During male overconfidence at the stove, a lot of testosterone is released, which is why I consider myself the greatest bouillon cube of all time in the soup clown role and vice versa.

If the brudet is the recipient of the mother-in-law, you obviously have to cook it quite differently, with more punch. It should be real hard work this time. Brunnenhof near Künzelsau, located just north of Schwäbisch Hall, is considered by top chefs such as former Stuttgarter Speisemeisterei patron Frank Oehler to be the country’s producer of the tastiest roosters.

Every part of the chicken is processed

Farm Demeter processes every piece of chicken. From nose to tail, which means in modern German, in translation: from nose to tail, as it was before food was thrown by the kilo.

This is how one and a half kilos of chicken bones were ordered, washed, drizzled with oil and baked in the oven at 220 degrees upper and lower heat for 45 minutes. A process for which, ideally, you should be carrying nothing but a saber-toothed tiger skin and a club. Then cook it in a pot with some soup vegetables and about two liters of water and let it cook slowly for two hours.

Cooking columnist Hans Gerlach brings you a wonderful recipe for chicken soup with lots of vitamins, umami and protein with a fried egg and fresh vegetables as an ingredient. At the end, I season the soup individually with a little soy sauce, chili and lemon juice, add some kimchi, fermented cabbage, for a touch of Korea in the soup plate. The mother-in-law found that kick of taste interesting, formulated in a neutral way. After a visit to the family doctor, he is fine again.

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