Corn Soup with Waffles: An Unexpected Dream Duo

The golden cob has long been a staple food of Native Americans as well as other cultures of the Americas. Because of this, shelled corn soup has been a staple in many circles for decades. When you think of corn chowder in Europe, it may not be familiar to you, but this soup has a distinctly American feel. We bring you the traditional recipe and today we tell you how to cook corn soup with waffles yourself! A rediscovered classic.

Especially in autumn and winter, soups and stews are a great way to get through the cold days. When it’s gray and boring outside again, Sopa Alentejana can certainly help bring some good mood back into the day. So that you never run out of ideas for recipes, we have prepared a few more recipes for soups and stews for you:

Black pot sundubu jjigae with kimchi.

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Psst: By the way, these 5 tricks will make your soup perfect.

The waffles in this recipe are naturally hearty and infused with spices to pair beautifully with the creamy corn soup. If you want, you can of course also serve other bread. How about this oatmeal bread, for example? Our spelled bread with walnuts is also incredibly aromatic and ideal for dipping into this soup.

Not only as a soup, but also in all other varieties, corn is always a pleasure. Do you already know our creamy corn and this recipe for spicy vegetable soup with chili and corn? This is really not to be missed.

For today, though, we’re going to start with this delicious corn chowder with waffles. Enjoy your meal!

Corn soup with waffles in two black bowls.  Soups are served with crème fraîche and sesame seeds.  The dishes are on different kitchen towels.  In the upper left corner is a sign that says "You are what you eat"

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Typically American: corn chowder with waffles


This corn chowder with waffles tastes like the paradise of America and will get you through the day warm and refreshed!

For the waffles:

For the corn soup:


Prepare the waffles:

  1. First put the butter and eggs in a bowl and mix. Add baking powder, milk, salt and oregano and mix everything into a uniform dough.

  2. Bake the dough in portions in a waffle iron.

Prepare corn soup:

  1. Peel the onion and potato and cut into small pieces. Place both in a large pot and let them simmer gently. Then add the corn and pour in the vegetable broth. Squeeze the lemon and mix 1 tablespoon into the soup.

  2. Let everything simmer for about 20 minutes, then season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cook on low heat for another 20 minutes, then puree the soup with a mixer. Arrange on plates and serve with waffles and crème fraîche. Add some sesame seeds if you like. Enjoy your meal!

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